H&I Meeting format

Hello everybody, my name is _ and I am a addict. Welcome to the every
other Friday night Narcotics Anonymous H&I Panel discussion meeting. Let’s
start this meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.
Could someone please read:

Who Is An Addict
What Is The Narcotics Anonymous Program
Why Are We Here
How It Works
What Can I Do

For those who are new or not familiar with what takes place tonight. This is a Narcotics Anonymous Hospitals and Institution Panel Discussion meeting, also known to some around here as question and answer night. We are not employees of C.E.A.D.. We are members of Narcotics Anonymous who have volunteered to come in and share our experience with hope of carrying the message of Narcotics Anonymous to those who may want it. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about Narcotics Anonymous, working the 12 Steps, Sponsorship, getting through a day or a moment without having to pick up drugs. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. We will attempt to keep our sharing brief and on topic so that other panel members may have a chance to share.

Also we do sell literature at cost, please stick around after the meeting to purchase books or fellowship.

Have the panel members introduce themselves.

Could somebody read the Just For Today reading out of the Just For Today
meditation book?

This is your opportunity to ask questions about Narcotics Anonymous and
recovery. We are here so share our experience to please ask questions. We
will alternate between men and women so that everybody has an opportunity to be heard. The meeting is open. Does anybody have a question?

CLOSING: Thank everybody for participating.

Have someone read the Just For Today reading.

Close with a Serenity circle and a Narcotics Anonymous reading or prayer.

Quick reminder, we do sell literature, please stick around if interested.